Thursday, December 27, 2012

My SSS Loan (Renewal 2nd loan) and how easy it is to apply and get your check in less than a week

SSS Salary Loan for Members
I have been blogging about basic information about the Social Security System in the Philippines for quite a while now and I have never really realized this until I had to undergo the process of applying for a SSS loan myself. I must admit that there were lapses on the part of the people serving the members but the good thing I learned a couple of weeks ago is that indeed, the service of the SSS has been made efficient in terms of loan. Why? It's because I was able to come up with a way to find out by apply for the salary loan or personal loan myself.

I went to the SSS to just actually have my contributions in the last quarter, me and my wife paid for, that is for the month of April, May and June. What happened is that the bayad center where we pay our monthly or should I say quarterly remittance of contribution had no errors for my account but for my wife, the error popped out in their system so what went wrong is that my payment did reflect on the same months instead of that I have paid my July, August and September. I had to take care of it after almost a quarter of waiting because i am too busy for my small business.

So I went to the SSS and I realized while there that I also need to file for a salary loan because I am afraid that the same thing would happen to my account just like for other people from the previous term of the former President, Gloria Macapagal Arroyo where there were alleged malversation of funds of the members. So what I did was to try going online and look for the latest system of how to apply for a SSS loan. What happened was that some accounts were allegedly used to make or file for the SSS personal loan or salary loan especially those that have become stagnant in the past years. Since the election will take place soon, I had to opt in to apply for my own loan as me and my wifey have agreed together.

So what I did was first to take care of the wrong reflected or technical error of my monthly contribution. Afterwards, I applied for my loan which was overall, as i've experienced swift compare to way back 14 years ago when I was still employed in a hotel. What happened was this.

I applied for my SSS loan and it only took me a couple of hours waiting and falling in line. That was December 10, 2012. I received my cheque at home December 14th and according to the cheque, it was already issued to me dated December 12th which means that if you are to ask me how long it will take to process a salary or personal loan application, I could safely say that it only takes 1 day of falling in line for the application and 2 days to get issued a cheque and 2 more days to wait for the delivery to come to your home address which is the only way allowed I know on processing of loan application. I knew this upon asking if I could opt in for a claim in their office of the official cheque to be issued and the customer service politely replied to me and said that they only currently allow a via mail delivery option.

In the end, the lesson here is that if some of you SSS members out there think that it will take you months before you can get your cheque for your loan, I say no. It will only take you less than a week to get it provided that you have given the right address and not other technical and typographical errors that went wrong and that your postman is of good moral and speedy delivery of your mails are guaranteed. If you are on your way for a renewal, you can read my previous post regarding a guide on SSS loan renewal.

Thank you SSS for this.

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