Wednesday, December 7, 2011

SSS Released 10Billion Funds

Social Security System has already released P10 billions cash to fund the regular pensions including the 13th month for the 1.6 pensioners and their dependants.This is the SSS way of helping all pensioners said SSS Vice Presidents for Public Affairs and Special Events Marissu Bugante, and also explained that there is no need to contribute an additional amount to get this extra-month pension.


Anonymous said...

When i get my lump sum? I apply since February 10,2012

Anonymous said...

I am an SSS member, covering date 01-1974 (Record from SSS) start of my employment. I filed my retirement and got my lump sum last year. The computation of benefits from SSS showed only the beginning from 1981 up to my retirement year 2010. There were four (4) company's I worked with in where not in the list of SSS employment record, these starting from 1974 to med of 1981, in the years where computer is not yet born. I made a complained, but SSS staff told me to produce a certification from these 4 companies.

Where I shall go to get the certification as 2 of these company is no longer exist. How could I claim the unpaid benefits? Can anybody help me?