Saturday, December 17, 2011

SSS Pensioner's Loan

We all know that the Social Security System (SSS) in the Philippines offers different types of loans to their members. However, there is one type of loan which is the SSS pensioner's loan that very few knew exists today. This type of loan however is not being offered by the government.

What I am talking about is the SSS pensioner loan that pensioners or the seniors aged from 60 and above and are retirees or those who don’t work anymore. This is being offered by private lenders out there . Requirement is that you have to have completed the 10 years minimum remittance. You have to be getting what is called as monthly pension apart from the lump sum amount they get upon reaching the age 60 and application for a lump sum.

It is a major requirement however to submit the ATM or passbook for the SSS pensioner member applying for the said loan. For more information, you can contact lenders regarding this matter. We will soon be publishing another post describing in full, the details regarding this loan. Be sure to subscribe to us using our subscription form below so we could send you updates.

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