Thursday, June 16, 2011

SSS Online Inquiry System

Users with accounts as well as those who are looking to register for a SSS account are all into chaos in different online blogs these past few weeks. I have noticed this myself as most of them are having problems accessing their account with the Social Security System via the online inquiry system. With respect to signing up for a new account, the problem is that the official SSS website always returns an error.

Now what do members have to do with this kind of service. In fact, this blog alone must've received hundreds of comments from members clamoring that they can't create an account nor log in or sign in to their previously existing and active account. Whatever happened to the SSS online inquiry system in the Philippines should be address as soon as possible.

P-Noy should hear this out before millions flock in front of Malacanang for this issue. I hope the right people and authorities read this post - SSS help


Anonymous said...

sir how to get my sss contribution

Anonymous said...

panu po ba makapasok sa website nyo? sabi nyo napakadali pumasok sa website nyo, un pla npka hirap, kelangan ko kasi contribution ng account q..kelangan ko sa trabaho ndi aq mkapsok psok. anu po ba dapat gawin? ayaw nyo nman mgbgay ng print out.