Sunday, February 21, 2010

SSS Calamity Loan - Delinquency Interest

Aside from the regular yearly or per anum interest rate of any SSS loan including the calamity loan, SSS also charges what we call as delinquency interest if any member who has existing loan fails to pay on time or of the whole duration of the loan.

According to the SSS website, here is what it states about delinquency loan interest:

"Any balance of the loan not paid on time will be charged an interest of one per cent a month until it is fully paid."

"Employers who fail to remit to the SSS the monthly installments of their borrower-employees' loans on due dates shall be penalized with one per cent interest a month."


Anonymous said...

what is my sss static information my sss # is 35-6982806-9

Anonymous said...

I am Ricardo Breganza, SSS member with ID No. 03-4447873-8. I checked my account in your website.I found- out that I have an outstanding calamity loan sometime in 1996. During that time I was in Saudi Arabia so I am not aware nor have any knowledge of this loan. How can I validate or checked who applied this loan for me.

Please help me.

Thank you for kind attention.

Ricardo A. Breganza

Anonymous said...

ang employer po ba ay obligado byaran ang loan ng kanyang employee kung ito ay wla na? kunyari nawala cya sa june 30 2011 then nakapag loan cya ng april 2011 kaya lng ay hindi nya binigay iyong voucher nya so hindi kami nakapag deduct sa may. obligado po ba kami byaran iyong due nya sa may?