Friday, October 16, 2009

SSS ID System is Only Available in San Juan and Main Branch

I just wonder why is it so that the only branches where you can apply for a SSS ID is in San Juan and Main branch? Why is it so? Instead of bringing in the service in full even to small branches and offices of the SSS it was the other way around.

If the machines were having problems or trouble why not have it repaired or else buy another one? Instead of providing free services to the people because they are needed, these services were hidden like in the recent calamity loan. The link in the website was removed two days after announcing that the said SSS calamity loan is now available for members.

Are the funds being re-channeled somewhere else? Well, if you are a member of the SSS expect worst services with the people in the government worse than their services.

Yes, as of now if you are looking to have a SSS ID, the only 2 remaining branches where you can apply for one is SSS San Juan and SSS Main Branch


Anonymous said...

its been 3months already since i applied for my ssd is, until now, i haven't received it.

Anonymous said...

gud day its beem 5 months hanggang ngaun d ko parin natatanggap id ko..its been 2 months na rin na puro card printing...may maaasahan p bng id?sabi nyo 3 months ang extended time para matanggap dahil may problema..5 months n wala pa...gumagawa p b kayo ng id namin

Anonymous said...

ask ko lng po panp ko po b mkukuha ung sss id ko